Here are some of the faces of our great team: twelve eclectic personalities who are on the front line every day to build the success of every brand.


Strategy Director and President

My personality can be summarized in three words: love, passion and ambition. Love for my children, Giulia and Mattia. Passion for my work. Ambition in achieving important objectives. I always say: "Followers never arrive first." As a result, I always come up with new goals and challenges. In 1990, I founded the Gruppo Icat and I am still the Strategic Director and President. In 2009, I was elected member of the Unicom Executive Council, of which I became Vice-President in 2012 while keeping my position as the national coordinator of all regional delegates. In October 2010, I joined the Board of Directors of Audipress.

City: New York
Film: The Gladiator
Like: Chocolate and rum
Passion: traveling


General Manager

Passionate for data, analysis and new developments as a child, I could not have been anything else than an entrepreneur as an adult! After achieving a Bachelor's in Business Administration, I started this adventure with Claudio. I spend my days in the midst of numbers, data, graphs, problem-solving and great satisfactions. I spend my free time reading, with my children Sofia and Giacomo and with the non-profit association Kongrega, which I founded with some friends.

Authors: Wilbur Smith
Film Director : Quentin Tarantino
Music: generally Italian
Passion: 5-a side football


Agency Ambassador

After taking a degree in Communication Theory and Techniques and completing a postgraduate course in marketing and communication, I had an experience as a freelance journalist and produced, in association with a local studio, a documentary for the Valle d’Aosta branch of the Italian broadcasting company Rai. But I have always had a special flair for marketing, and Gruppo Icat made my dreams come true! What I like about my job is the opportunity to always meet new people! Every time, settings, stakeholders and audience change and I feel new emotions. I will be the first person you will meet in the Icat Group and will show you around. With me, you will have a comprehensive understanding of the agency and I will tell you about all we could do together. As travelling is my passion, I invite you to ‘come aboard’ with me and make your brand take off!

Hobbies: music and singing (I also perform in front of audiences)
Favourite actors: Al Pacino and Marco Giallini.
Favourite authors: Massimo Gramellini and Beppe Severgnini.
Sports: gym, walking and skiing


Agency Ambassador

As Charlie Chaplin said: “A day without laughter is a day wasted”. This is the spirit I work with, and with which I go through life every day, with a touch of irony and playfulness. I am ambitious, positive and always rise to meet ever new challenges. After graduating in International Economics, I served in the accounting department of a communication agency. Next, I moved to the position of marketing manager for this Group. I will be the first person you will meet in Gruppo Icat. I will show you the agency, reply to your questions, and meet all of your needs. In essence, we will share objectives to turn them into actual results.

Sports: soccer
Leisure time: movies and TV series
My favourite treats: good food and quality red wines


Creative Director

My son asked me: "Mom, what's your job?" I replied: "I'm a Creative Director." Him: "Mom, say it in a language children can understand!" "I interpret the dreams of people and help them achieve them," I explained. Him: "But then... you're the genie in the bottle!" For 18 years now, 14 of which at Icat, I have worked and strived to make sure the market falls in love with each of the brands of our customer companies. In our agency (practically since it was founded), thanks to my great passion for brand identity, I help the brands grow and accomplish their every dream.

Quote: Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. A. Einstein
Fragrance: my son's skin
Animal: lion
Color: red (Pantone 200C)


Creative Director

As a child, I wanted to have a newsstand, then, I understood I would prefer to write for newspapers than to sell them. I started working for some magazines. My Bachelor's in Foreign Languages was essential in understanding I wanted to work with the Italian language. So I became a copywriter. I worked with leading communication agencies and I have been in Icat for 15 years. My pen is always ready, even for narrative: I won various national literary awards for my short stories and wrote the novel “Back for good - Tornare per sempre.” My professional story has recently been enriched with a new exciting chapter: the title reads “Creative Director”. I’m writing with you the pages that follow.

Authors: Andrea De Carlo
Passions: reggaeton, skiing and traveling
Singer: Vasco Rossi, U2
Vices: chocolate


Marketing Director

I have always dreamed of working in a communication agency, where strategic marketing and creative contamination would be used to service brands. Thus, after achieving a Bachelor's, with honors, in Communication Studies, I continued my studies in Milan and obtained a Master's in Marketing and Communication. I worked with leading companies, such as the Biennial Foundation of Venice. However, when I joined the Gruppo Icat, in 2007, I realized that my dream: today, I am the Marketing Director and thus develop and plan conventional and unconventional online and off-line strategies.

Authors: Oscar Wilde
Never without : flashy earrings
Animal: cat
Passions : art, design and oil painting


Digital Strategy Director

My mini twiter biography says: "Just an enthusiastic person ; -)." A small sentence that describes my way of life: full of passion, including for my work. I love to create, research, invent, mix and find solutions that can be useful for our customers' businesses. The beauty of the digital world is that there's always something new to add to your experience and using that as a new ingredient, you can create an entirely new recipe! While we're on the subject, I would like to add that I love to cook: for my family and those who stand at my side. In Icat, my enthusiasm encounters that of the team’s. With this energy, we become stronger every day.

Color: magenta
City: Padua
Film: X-Men
Hobbies: cooking, art and sports

De Luca


Things and places have always intrigued me and I was lucky to be able to combine my skills with my work. Architecture allows me to compare myself to different people and to give shape to desires and dreams. I was born in Udine and lived in Venice, where I achieved a Bachelor's in Architecture. During my college years, I traveled around Europe and discovered new cultures, ways of life and landscapes. For many years, I worked in a leading architectural studio where I followed retail projects, both in Italy and abroad, for various companies, such as Chicco, Coop, Puma and Librerie coop. I have now been handling the architectural and design projects of Gruppo Icat since 2012. My first priority in life are my two children, Jacopo and Emma.

Color: gray
City: Lisbon
Film: Mediterranean
Hobbies: Antique markets



Knowing what is behind a good communication is the reason why I’ve chosen to work in this agency. I’ve built my own professionalism on this ambition, trying to live as deeply as possible all the inner dynamics and to create valuable relationships. Every moment shared with the figures that revolve around the agency becomes an opportunity to increase and diversify knowledge, and to bring out the best of each project for Gruppo icat.

City: Nice
Color: blue
animal: cat


Press office director

Words and writing must be part of my DNA considering I have always wanted to be a journalist since I was in 3rd grade. I now speak every day through publications and transform corporate realities into news to ensure maximum visibility and to enhance brand reputation. I achieve this thanks to a great intellectual curiosity, joy and sensibility - the same that led me to get a degree in philosophy -, but also to the methods I have adopted.

Color: orange
Passions: guitar
Singer: U2 and the Beatles
Hobbies: reading, reading and reading


Retail Business

People say I'm lucky. Perhaps because I always have a smile on my face when I tell them about my position within the agency. With 15 years as a Marketing Director in companies, amongst which Safilo and Gufo, and some work experiences abroad, I can confirm my job is my life. Retail allows me to make use of both my passion for numbers and desire to develop new scenarios. However, it also allows me to work with people for people, anywhere around the world. I love to travel and buy airline tickets anytime I get a chance to leave. My favorite destinations? The European capitals. Sometimes, I travel alone and others with my family, which consists of Filippo, Riccardo and Alvise, who keep me balanced.

Film: Sherlock Holmes
Instrument: the piano
Color: sage green
Location: snowy mountains