Tea (for me) time.

From brand identity to launch: the concept studied by our creative agency for this Bevande Futuriste line focused on the idea of new “tea for wellbeing”.

AmaTè, a Bevande Futuriste brand, is a range of organic iced teas positioned at the highest quality levels of the market: five flavours obtained from an infusion of organic green tea enriched with natural extracts of plants and fruit, studied to create a fresh, thirst-quenching, healthy product.

Naturalness in every detail

When creating this brand identity, our creative agency studied a modern essential brand, with the graphic element of the tea leaf is used in place of the accent on its name. We also designed the packaging for the little glass bottles, coming up with textures inspired by the world of nature that recall stylisation of the tea leaves and the other ingredients in the drink. The colours chosen are soft and closely linked to those of the main ingredients (Peach and Elderflower, Lemon and Ginger, Fennel and Liquorice, Pomegranate, Mint and Lemongrass). The concept that inspired the project is expressed in the claim “tea (for me) time”. The brand identity operation also studied all the coordinated POP communication, in order to make the launch even more effective and make the brand memorable for consumers. Communication targets women in particular and links each flavour to a different “me time”: a good book, chilling on a summer afternoon, a run outdoors, or a spa session.  Moments dedicated to personal wellbeing, made even more complete and perfect by good AmaTè tea.

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