ARD Supermarkets

Added value for discount stores!

A strategy for repositioning this well-known chain of supermarkets with the aim of increasing perceived brand awareness, gaining new customers and ensuring the loyalty of those acquired.

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ARD discount supermarkets opened in 1994 in Sicily and Calabria with the mission of guaranteeing value for money and quality. With more than 160 sales points and a 40,000 m² distribution centre they have always communicated the value of local business.
The typical ARD customer is female, about forty years old, responsible for family purchases, and a lover of branded products.

The supermarket FOR YOU!

The retail concept design project entailed study of a new architectonic layout with a different conception of space and new communication inside and outside the sales point.
The new concept was devised with the aim of expressing a concept of closeness to the customer through emotive slogans and with repetition of the words “PER TE” (for you), the leitmotiv running through all the communication.
Division of the supermarket interiors saw creation of five specific areas: entrance, staple foods, markets, speciality foods, service room, each with different goods categories, shelving types and intended use.
In-store customer routes were studied to feel friendly and orderly: the arrangement of elements and islands in fact makes customers always feel welcome, encouraging them to continue and making their shopping easy.
The atmosphere created is friendly and familiar, impacting, and with plenty of original elements that create positive emotions.
Communication was conceived on several levels with official messages and information outside and hanging posters inside to indicate the different sectors or special offers, while those on the walls are reserved for value-related messages.

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