Belzoni’s Egypt

Communication strategies
for a winning exhibition.

Creating culture and entertainment on and offline, with an exhibition dedicated to the Padua-born character Giovanni Battista Belzoni.

The Veneto Cities of Art Consortium and Padova Municipal Council commissioned us with creating an impressive archaeological exhibition to tell the story of one of the most important and largely forgotten explorers from the 19th century: the Padua-born explorer Giovanni Battista Belzoni who “discovered” Egypt. A sweeping, complex challenge that involved all the agency’s various sectors of expertise in an engaging storytelling and carefully studied space design project: virtual animation, panoramic tunnels and even an enormous life-size pyramid lent maximum impact to this live experience from start to finish. The most prestigious Italian and European museums made exclusive loans, some for the first time, of relics from their ancient collections to form a mosaic of rarities and history, right there in the centre of Padua. The Egyptian Museum in Turin, the British Museum in London, the Louvre in Paris and the Vatican Museums were just a few of the many that paid tribute to this great explorer.

Omnichannel planning

The exhibition enjoyed a resounding success thanks to dedicated communication strategies on social media, online and off, leading to an enormous response by all the media. Broadcasters like Sky Arte and Rai Cultura covered the opening, while numerous Italian newspapers like La Repubblica, La Stampa, and the Corriere della Sera, also featured articles about the event. A precise digital strategy with display ads and social media activity generated a big buzz online and to further fuel engagement the agency signed a strategic collaboration agreement with some of the most active Instagram influencers in art and culture. This integrated strategy brought the story of Belzoni to the eyes of thousands of people, paying meritorious tribute to one of the greatest Italian explorers from the nineteenth century.

Mostra Belzoni risultati

THE RESULTS1,025 schools booked250 accredited journalists537 appearances in media on and offline (November 2019-May 2020)671,000 impressions and 3,000 clicks on display ads on major online newspaper and magazine websites (November 2019)More than 110,000 organic impressions on Facebook and IG (November 2019 – May 2020)9,200 persons reached and average coverage of 3,400 users for each content published (influencer data)

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