Building a differentiating
communication concept

For Carmix, a brand renowned worldwide for the efficiency and professionalism of its machines, we came up with a new communication concept capable of highlighting its strong points and linking them to high emotional value.

Enhancing the product pluses with emotive storytelling.

“Everywhere You Build” is the claim that, thanks to a company video and new communication format, tells the memorable, epic story of Carmix’s ability to reach the remotest locations while, at the same time, expressing a sense of work and community with a value-related approach. To communicate the brand’s new spirit worldwide, we worked on a new communication and graphic format capable of raising awareness and expressing all the excellence of its innovative machines. The new brand identity was transmitted both online, using a new creative approach, a format dedicated to social channels and restyling of the website translated into 7 languages, and also offline, with creation of new catalogues, brochures and advertising.

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