Cortese Originale 1959

Even its appeal is sparkling.

Brand identity and market launch for the Bevande Futuriste line of soft drinks for top-level locations and the most discerning clients.

Cortese Originale 1959 is the organic Italian alternative to traditional cult soft drinks. A line launched by Bevande Futuriste for those who like their drinks healthy: sparkling flavours made with ingredients selected from Italy’s best excellences, such as Sicilian oranges and lemons. Timeless big flavours with the most authentic taste to please even the most discerning consumers, lovers of genuine products with a lower sugar content. It was therefore necessary to come up with a brand identity that would convince superior level locations, aiming to stand out from the crowd with refined products of the highest quality.

The timeless taste of vintage

The distinctive style of the vintage-inspired graphics chosen to visually recall the drinks’ historical significance leveraged a simple overall look and hues from yesteryear. A visual expression of a real return to its roots, when recipes featured just a few healthy, genuine ingredients. To lend a sense of continuity to the brand, Cortese graphic elements were copied, their golden decoration providing a clear idea of the product’s fineness.  Study of the brand identity packaging was followed by launch activity, with creation of all the coordinated material.

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