The juice revolution

A spirit out of the ordinary and totally glam appeal: the biofashion style conceived for the new Bevande Futuriste fruit juices boasts trip art designs and on-trend colours.

DiFrutta is the range of organic fruit juices conceived to raise the quality standards imposed by the market and establish a natural healthy new way of drinking. Our agency managed the launch of these products, devising an entire brand image from creation of the brand to packaging design, the website and POP material for bars and cake shops.

When good means beautiful

The hand-designed texture of the bottles was inspired by trip art designs, an art form outside the box: a new language that recalls the nonconformist spirit of this product. The colours were also chosen as a break from tradition: the organic world is in fact generally rendered by green and brown, whereas these juices were deliberately given on-trend hues teamed with a biofashion style where good means beautiful. “Il succo si ribella” (The juice revolution) is the claim that embodies the breakaway attitude at the base of the brand: a spirit also expressed in the “Always forever” font, which looks like handwriting, free and unconventional. For the sales material we chose to highlight the nutrition properties and origins of the fruit selected, with inviting emotive images of the fruit and the story of its origins, including info about its beneficial qualities, using this to create a real story that invites exploration of all the different products in the range, one by one.

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