Distilleria Nardini

“Surprising” brand positioning.

The grappa with two centuries of history out to conquer the world of bartenders.

New positioning for the Nardini, brand, founded in 1779 and the oldest distillery in Italy, focuses on communication able to leverage a modern, engaging language that also manages to capture the 25-40 year old target that is practically absent from the Nardini consumer market, as well as penetrate the world of mixology and of grappa-based aperitifs. We started with the need to create a concept “container” that would embrace this world and pave the way for a fresh modern image, to be developed across all corporate media, on packaging and in the brand’s social communication.

A story worth savouring

The new brand positioning was expressed in a video-story telling the history of the Nardini brand, with original, innovative graphics. The project focused on amazement and narration in a game of rich yet simple illustrations, with a fresh, modern feel. The history of Italy and of the Nardini family interweave against the backdrop of Bassano del Grappa, the place that really made this whole great business venture come together. The video-story was then taken onto social media, retracing the thread of the historic references and, in parallel, starting up an “educational” editorial programme on the culture of grappa. This was greatly enhanced by collaboration with famous Italian bartenders whose “behind the bar” experimentation helped to spread the use of Nardini grappa cleverly mixed with top quality ingredients to make cocktails. This brand positioning activity for Nardini met with great success on social media, proving that, far from being a product destined for the over-50s, grappa can also be a huge hit with younger consumers.

Nardini risultati

THE RESULTS29,204 views of the video-ad (in the first month after launch)Over 60,000 people reached by the video on FB8.33M Page Post Impressions on Facebook (2019)16% increase in spontaneous interactions on FB (January-October 2019)22% increase in requests for info on FB (January-October 2019)40% increase in followers on Instagram (compared to 2018)

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