A new brand image for the relaunch of Omac

Rebranding by Gruppo Icat for innovative modern communication of all the company’s values.

Case Omac

Omac is an Italian company founded in 1956 as a small sewing machine repair shop. Today it is an internationally renowned manufacturer of machinery for processing leather and textiles. Omac commissioned us with the important task of innovating its identity to position it as a main player in a growing number of reference markets.

The concept: Omac – Crafting Machines.

Resistance, professionalism and craftsmanship quality are the company values that make Omac machines true Crafting Machines. In order to best communicate the essence of the brand, we reworked the entire brand image, giving it more style, impact and contemporary feel. The concept was translated in the design of the new logo, which elegantly conveys the company’s values, expressing all the precision of Omac machinery, with sharp, linear, clean-cut graphics.

The manifesto video and concept of Crafting Machines guide users on their visit to the website, offering a new browsing experience that, on a visual level, illustrates the union between craftsmanship and industry, thanks both to images and alternating serif and sans-serif fonts. The company colours also alternate to further highlight the machines, the various applications and the processes.

Case Omac
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