Roberto Coin

Brilliant results
for this famous brand of jewellery.

Storytelling that highlights the quality of its products and the value of the brand itself thanks to an engaging user experience conceived to promote sales and increase brand awareness.

Since 1996, the most famous Italian artisan jewellers have lent shape to the creative ideas of Roberto Coin, producing some 600 new pieces a year, distributed in over 60 countries through more than a thousand sales points. This global context has made omnichannel use of the web necessary, using tools based on technological, innovative, efficient solutions capable of creating dialogue between the digital and retail worlds, also thanks to automatisms that permit consumers to be intercepted and accompanied along the various stages of the customer journey.

Valuable strategies

While browsing, users are accompanied by a concept that puts Roberto Coin right at the centre of the communication. We give the founder a voice, having him personally present his jewels, his philosophy, and his values. Only thanks to a narrative process that starts with a system of legends and values embodied by Roberto Coin in person, can the brand establish itself in the mind of its target as a credible story, capable of creating an experience based on loyalty and authenticity. Thanks to focused communication, using digital channels and Data Business Intelligence systems, consumers enjoy a unique experience: they are engaged and attracted by content of value that they can relate to. The ecommerce site is structured to guarantee the best UX, according to criteria of usability, conversion funnel optimisation, SEO friendly architecture, the presence of essential info in above-the-field content and areas of communication necessary for interpreting the concept and ensuring perception of the mood in which users are immersed. The proposed digital strategy is based on a narrative approach: we tell a story that can become a user experience, where the importance of the advertising message conveyed in a credible way becomes a strong lever for achieving business results.

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