A digital strategy inspired
by the emotions of carpet couture.

The digital restyling of Sitap Carpet Couture Italia, an Italian and international excellence in the world of contemporary designer rugs, is based on the seductive identity of this Piacenza-based brand.

The digital strategy studied for Sitap included redesign of the website and creation of a tailor-made ecommerce section inspired by the idea of timeless style that the company has embraced since 1955. A concentrated pursuit of beauty, fine yarns and Italian design are the strong points highlighted in this project, which aims to stress the brand’s positioning by emphasising its intriguing character and great style.

Space for inspiration and beauty

Strategic analysis of the brand’s personality provided us with the creative line for the entire project: on the website pages, the rug becomes an icon of beauty thanks to seductive, evocative copy, in modern colours that impact a strongly intuitive UX. Whether on desktop or mobile, the layout portrays an elegant contemporary setting, particularly attractive for browsing. The Collections section becomes an online shop with minimal functional design, showcasing the rugs in great detail, with their weaves, colours and history. The captions accompanying the photos lend that “passionate” feel that is part of the brand’s soul and has users falling in love at first glance. The creative philosophy behind Sitap is the main player for the entire digital strategy, one big story that tethers images, emotions and thoughts.

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