New product packaging
for Italy’s leading juice.

A brand promise to be taken even higher for the classic juices in cartons, the new centrifugal juices and the relaunch of Tasky.

The packaging for Optimum, a core Yoga juice product, is inspired by this Italian brand’s desire for constant innovation in order to follow consumer changes and evolution, establishing its name as the fruit juice par excellence. To keep the product’s promise even more effectively, Yoga decided to update the image of Optimum, pushing the concept of “Number 1 in Italy since 1946”. It was also fundamental to leverage its distinguishing characteristic, namely the very high percentage of fruit that makes it so much tastier, mainly targeting mothers, as the effective purchasers, but also kids, who will often choose a product based on its visual impact. Work on the brand packaging by the creative team started with a new interpretation of brand and product values, also essential for the relaunch of Tasky and presentation of the new Centrifugati line of centrifugal juices, a fusion of fruit and vegetables enhanced with spices and with no added sugar.
The strategy of goodness

The current positioning of Optimum was amplified, taking it to a premium level thanks to two elements: the fruit, given a bigger, more appealing role on the front of the pack, a visual foretaste of the full real taste, and its percentage in the juice, the strong point of the Yoga brand, which can count on extremely high quality values for each product. Similar reasoning was applied to the new packaging for Tasky, the line of drinks for younger consumers, where restyling of the packaging highlights the freshness of the fruit and its Vitamin C content. Whereas for Yoga Centrifugati, we concentrated on its uniqueness, the combination and refined selection of the ingredients. Following this vision our team created a pack with big graphic impact, which highlights the rich mix of each centrifugal juice with an abundance of elements and bright colours.

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